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Stefan K.
ZipTip - Using Zipt bundles

Bundles are one of those cool functions that can save you lots of money if you’re regularly making international calls to landlines and non-Zipt users.

Barbara B.
Unchaining human communication - what's it all about

If you’ve been reading our blogs, you could have seen that we use the phrase unchaining human communication quite a bit. But, what does that even mean, what do we want to achieve with it and how is it connected to Zipt? Well, keep reading and you’ll get answers to all those questions.

Samantha W.
Zipt sharing - share everything!

Sharing photos is awesome, but if every second of a video clip consists of 24 photos, then sharing a 25 second clip is 600 times more awesome than a single photo. That’s a lot of awesomeness, so use it wisely!

Barbara B.
5 quick tips on using Zipt's core features

Zipt, our free calling app, is constantly being updated with new features that enable you to freely communicate with everyone you care about. There’s so much more than just free calls, sending texts and video calling, so we’re giving you a couple of tips that can help you in your day to day usage of Zipt.

Dorian D.
Video calls from the heart of the Sahara

Well, I gotta hand it to you. You did a really good job, it works like clockwork even though I’m miles away from a high-speed connection. It’s amazing!

Barbara B.
You wanted free video calls, you got them!

Zipt now fully supports free video calls, even in low bandwidth areas!

Stefan K.
Expat's essentials - making it big in Japan

When my boss told me that our company is opening a new office in Japan and that I’ll be moving there as a Chief Account Manager, I knew there would be a lot of new stuff I’ll have to get used to. You always hear how Japanese culture has tons of different rules you have to obey to avoid being disrespectful to your hosts, but the sheer amount of it left me in shock. It’s been 5 months since I moved here from Germany and I’m still learning the ropes. Here are some of the things I learned as soon as I moved to Japan.

Dorian D.
Travelling trends - Bali, the island of gods

If you’re planning a trip but you still haven’t figured out where to go, you might want to take a look at Bali. I visited this Indonesian island three months ago with my girlfriend and it was a spectacular experience. During the two weeks we were there, instead of chilling at the resort all the time, like most tourists do, we went out and explored the island. We visited lots of cool locations, so here’s a list of things you shouldn’t miss when you get to Bali.

James B.
You asked, we answer

Zipt, our free calling app, has been out for a couple of months now. During that period, you sent us lots of questions about Zipt, its features and plans for the future. We decided to answer a couple of questions that you have been asking the most. So let’s jump right into it!

Gabriel O.
My favourite travel companion

What’s it like to be travelling alone? As you might imagine, it’s quite different from travelling in a group. You can go wherever you want and see the things you might not be able to see in an organized group tour. It’s truly a thrilling and exciting experience. But there is one thing you need to know before you decide to go on a trip alone - expect the unexpected and be prepared for everything!