My favourite travel companion

Gabriel O.
Calling from Machu Picchu

What’s it like to be travelling alone? As you might imagine, it’s quite different from travelling in a group. You can go wherever you want and see the things you might not be able to see in an organized group tour. It’s truly a thrilling and exciting experience. But there is one thing you need to know before you decide to go on a trip alone - expect the unexpected and be prepared for everything!

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Whether you’re travelling by land, sea or air, the moment you find yourself alone in another country is the moment your heart starts racing. That’s quite normal because you don’t really know what to expect, everything is so different and new. Even though I’ve been traveling like this for more than a decade, I still get the same feeling. I don’t know, it just fills me with some kind of weird positive energy that makes me go explore all of the hidden gems that the place I visit has to offer. But as exciting it is for me, it’s somewhat worrisome for my parents. Since I’m travelling alone, they often wonder if I’m OK, so I installed Zipt, and now I try to call them as much as I can. You know, just to tell them I’m fine and that everything is going well. It keeps them calm, and it gives me a sense of safety.

No matter how long my journey lasts, be it a month or just a couple of days, I always want to share the moments I experience with the ones closest to me, even if they’re not by my side at the moment. Because of all the calls, texts, audio and video messages that I send around, I sometimes completely forget I’m travelling alone. My friends back at home can feel like they’re with me every step of the way, they see what I see and hear what I hear! But my mom and dad are the real story here. You see, they’re quite old and not very tech savvy. We often joke around that remote controls for the TV are the most advanced pieces of technology they use, but ever since they found out they can make free calls when I’m in another country, they’ve been holding a smartphone in their hands even when it’s charging!

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