Travelling trends - Bali, the island of gods

Dorian D.

If you’re planning a trip but you still haven’t figured out where to go, you might want to take a look at Bali. I visited this Indonesian island three months ago with my girlfriend and it was a spectacular experience. During the two weeks we were there, instead of chilling at the resort all the time, like most tourists do, we went out and explored the island. We visited lots of cool locations, so here’s a list of things you shouldn’t miss when you get to Bali.

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Bali is called the island of a thousand temples, and rightfully so. There are exquisite Hindu temples in every city, town, village and even in the middle of the jungle. It would be impossible to find all of them in the short time we were there, so one of the local tour guides told me that we absolutely can’t leave the island without visiting at least these two temples.
The first one is Tanah Lot, a temple of the sea god Baruna. It’s the most popular temple because it sits on a miniature island just off the shore of Bali. The legend says it was made by a Hindu priest who detached a large piece of rock from the mainland and created this tiny island just by meditating.

The second is Uluwatu, a temple created about a thousand years ago and one of the six key Hindu temples on Bali. It sits on the edge of a cliff that’s 70 meters above the Indian ocean. The view from here is enchanting, it’s a scene you just have to see for yourself. And my girl loved it, for some weird reason she found sitting on the edge to be very romantic. I was just trying not to fall. :)


Forget everything you know about safari, because the Elephant Safari Park on Bali is something completely different. When you climb on the backs of these towering animals and go on a relaxing stroll through the jungle of Bali, you’ll literally get a new perspective on things. It’s a great adventure that’ll show you the wonders of Bali in all of their glory. In the park, you can also learn quite a lot of facts about elephants themselves, about their rituals and their peaceful way of life.


Bali is the island of a thousand temples, but there are almost as many waterfalls hidden in the depths of the jungle. To find them, just head straight for the jungle. Jembong, Sekumpul, Tegenungan and Aling-Aling are some of the more popular ones, by my favourite is Blemantung.
Blemantung is located near the village of Pujungan. I enjoyed spending time there because I love coffee, and the waterfall is in the middle of a coffee plantation, so you can feel that pleasant fragrance everywhere.


After a couple of hours of trekking through the jungles of Bali, you just want to lie down and relax. We were already on our way back when we stumbled upon a bunch of hot springs. In the middle of the jungle! You wouldn’t believe the look on my girl’s face, it was like she had received a gift from God, or one of the gods, since we were on Bali. :)

This place is actually a whole complex of pools with natural hot water near the village of Banjar, and it’s one of those thing I’ll never forget. Just imagine having your own private jacuzzi surrounded by mountains and palm trees. No wonder they call Bali the paradise island!


Bali is the home to a couple of large volcanoes, with Mount Batur being the most popular among tourists. If you wake up early enough and arrive to the top before dawn, you will see the most romantic sunrise ever. From the top you can see the Lake Batur and the hot springs of Toyobungkah, which are said to have healing properties. Haven’t tried is, so I can’t say if it’s true. :)

In addition to Batur, you can climb up the Bratan volcano which, to me, is even more beautiful, because there aren’t as many tourists, houses and shops as on Batur. It’s a pristine piece of nature that offers an astounding view of magnificent lakes Buyan and Tamblingan.

As you can see, Bali is full of wonders, and we just barely scratched the surface. There are hundreds of things to see and do on this Indonesian island. So next time you visit Bali, make sure to keep your eyes wide open and you’ll surely stumble upon something majestic. One last piece of advice – take lots of pictures and don’t forget to share all those moments with your loved ones!

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