You wanted free video calls, you got them!

Barbara B.
Video calls wherever you are

Zipt now fully supports free video calls, even in low bandwidth areas!

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Ever since we introduced Zipt, our free calling app, we received a ton of questions about implementing video calls that would work on slower networks. Are we going to add it, are we even working on it, when will it be available? Well, we decided it’s time we answer all your questions, and the best way to do it is with this simple statement - Zipt now fully supports free video calls, even in low bandwidth areas!

We had always planned to add video calling, but we wanted it to work flawlessly, so we took our time and really polished it to perfection. Our team worked tirelessly until we were fully satisfied with its feature and capabilities. Here’s a quick look into some of the things we’re most proud of!

Regular video calling is not some new revolutionary feature, it’s been used for years and we could have implemented it right from the start. But we didn’t do it because that kind of video calling would probably use lots of data and certainly wouldn’t work on low-speed networks. We agreed that we wouldn’t be adding this feature until we found a way to make it work on 2G, just like our other features - free calls and messages.

We were hell-bent on finding a solution for this, and after a couple of months of hard work and rigorous testing, our developers found a way to make it happen. They created a new encoding mechanism that enables you to use video calls on Zipt just like you’d use any other function. It doesn’t matter if you’re on 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi, with Zipt you can make free video calls to all its users.

Unlike some applications that automatically lower the resolution of your video to achieve consistent streaming, Zipt uses the full potential of your smartphone’s camera. You could have a low-res front facing VGA camera or a Full HD shooter, but Zipt will always use the highest resolution setting.

This is possible because of that encoding technology we implemented into Zipt. Besides enabling you to make video calls on 2G networks, this technology is also responsible for extremely low data usage. That means you can make video calls in Full HD resolution without using your entire data plan or experiencing video quality issues because of slow upload or download.

With a lot of other calling apps that enable video calling, the combination of low bandwidth networks and high resolution videos usually means that you’ll either experience terrible lag or won’t be able to make video calls whatsoever. Zipt changes that completely!

Because data needed for Zipt to work properly is so low, you can communicate with the person you called in real time. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you won’t experience lag or any kind of distortions, and sound will be perfectly synchronized with the video, making your call as smooth as possible.

If you want to try our new video calling feature, update Zipt to the latest version or head over to our website and install the application if you haven’t done it already. We’re working on a couple of new features that will be incorporated into Zipt, so be sure to follow our blog and Facebook page for all the news!

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