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Samantha W.
Some moments just need to be shared

Sharing photos is awesome, but if every second of a video clip consists of 24 photos, then sharing a 25 second clip is 600 times more awesome than a single photo. That’s a lot of awesomeness, so use it wisely!

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In our last blog, we mentioned a set of new functions that were just added to our free calling app. We did it just to see if you’ll notice something different within the messaging feature, before we do the great unveiling. Well, the time has come to present all of its possibilities, so take a look at Zipt sharing! Install or update the application so you can try all of the things we’ll be talking about.


If you like sending photos more than texts, you’ll get a kick out of this feature. Click on the picture icon and you’ll enter your phone’s internal gallery. All you need to do now is scroll through the list until you find the photo you want and just click send!

In addition to sharing photos from the gallery, you can also snap new photos without leaving the app. Go on, tap that camera icon in the menu and Zipt will activate your phone’s camera. By default, Zipt primarily activates your back camera, but you can switch to your front-facing camera and take that perfect selfie. Give it a try and snap your best angle! :)

Share photos


All done playing with selfies? Excellent, because we have a lot more to cover. Now that you know how to send photos, it’s time to talk about videos. Go back into the camera feature, tap that small video icon on the left and you’ll see a big red button. Unlike some other red buttons, this one is totally safe to use. Click on it once and Zipt will start recording a video that can be up 25 seconds long. Click on it again to stop recording and share it with your friends!

Sharing photos is awesome, but if every second of a video clip consists of 24 photos, then sharing a 25 second clip is 600 times more awesome than a single photo. That’s a lot of awesomeness, so use it wisely!

Share videos


Stickers have taken the world by storm, so naturally, we added a whole lot of them into the application. Click on that little smiley face and you’ll be greeted by all of the stickers that you’ve downloaded. If you need more, you can get them from the sticker shop – there’s a lot to choose from.

You can find tons of free sticker packs in the shop as well as some premium ones that can be bought with Zipt credits. Before you buy a pack, click on it to see the details and all of the stickers that you’ll get!

Share stickers


If sending stickers isn’t your thing, maybe sharing sounds is! Using this feature is super simple, just press and hold that big button on the screen and Zipt will record the sounds around you. You can use it for a variety of things - sharing important messages when you don’t have time to make a call or sending quick voice notifications. But we found it works exceptionally well if you’re using it to prank your unsuspecting colleagues. Try sending them a high pitched scream while they’re focused on something else. Trust us, the reactions are hilarious!

Share sounds


With this new update, Zipt also became your central hub for sharing all kinds of files. Click on the little paperclip icon and you’ll activate this new document sharing feature. You can easily send documents you stored in your phone’s memory, but you can also connect to cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. That means you no longer need to fill up your phone with copies of all important documents - just store them online and share them with Zipt!

Share documents


The last feature we want to show you is location sharing. Now, you might ask yourself - why would I want to share locations, what’s the point? Well, we asked the same thing when this idea popped up during a brainstorming, but when you think about it, sharing locations can be really helpful.

Share unique locations

Just picture this situation – let’s say you moved to a new apartment. You’re throwing a big party and you decided to invite all your friends, but they still don’t know where you live. You could call them and spend an hour explaining or send messages saying they have to turn left on the third intersection on the Main street then take a right by the lake, then a couple of lefts, and then straight for two miles and then right and… you get the point, right?

Or you could just pin the location on the map and send it to all of them with a single tap. Much simpler, isn’t it?

And that would pretty much be all you need to know about sending photos, videos, stickers, documents, sounds and locations with our new Zipt sharing feature. Have fun sharing anything you want with anyone you want!

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