Unchaining human communication - what's it all about

Barbara B.
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If you’ve been reading our blogs, you could have seen that we use the phrase unchaining human communication quite a bit. But, what does that even mean, what do we want to achieve with it and how is it connected to Zipt? Well, keep reading and you’ll get answers to all those questions.

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Our main goal is to centralize your entire communication, but make it free and without limitations - regardless of your mobile carrier, the network you connect to and even the speed of the connection. We want to make calling, texting and sharing information as easy as possible.

Humans have always been limited when it came to communicating with each other. In the past, we had to overcome the lack of appropriate technology, inability to connect with different parts of the world or extreme costs of communicating with someone outside of your own country. Now, we have the right technology and the Internet connects the entire world, but there are still some hurdles in front of us. We need to jump over crippling network speeds and enormous costs that some carriers charge for making calls.

We want to make those hurdles completely disappear! Imagine a world in which every person is able to communicate with anyone else by simply dialing a number and clicking call. That lies in the core of what we call unchaining human communication!

Zipt, our free calling app, was created to be the primary vessel for achieving that goal. In accordance with the idea of unchaining human communication, we made it free to use and equipped it with all the features you’ll need for communicating with your friends and family. Want to make free international calls? You can! Send texts? No problem! Need to make a quick video call? Without even breaking a sweat! With the latest update, we improved the sharing functionalities of the application, so you can now send sounds, videos, documents and locations.

We have also developed a new way of encrypting data, so you could use all those features wherever you are. There’s no need to go on a treasure hunt to find that high-speed network or Wi-Fi, because you can make calls, send texts and share files with a simple 2G connection. That’s our way of dealing with hurdles!

As you can see, it’s a pretty straightforward process with benefits for everyone. If you want to be a part of our movement to unchain human communication, install Zipt on your phone, invite your friends and family, and most importantly - just call!

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