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Bundles are one of those cool functions that can save you lots of money if you’re regularly making international calls to landlines and non-Zipt users.

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If you browsed through our free calling app’s menus, in addition to seeing some of Zipt’s most popular features, you’ve probably stumbled upon a little thing called bundles. They are one of those cool functions that can save you lots of money if you’re regularly making international calls to landlines and non-Zipt users. We, of course, recommend you invite your contacts to install Zipt on their phones, so you can talk for free, but if that’s not a viable option, bundles are the next best thing!


Bundles are pre-paid packs with a bunch of minutes you can use to make extremely cheap international calls. You can currently use bundles to make calls to seven countries - Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Iran, Pakistan and USA. We have plans on including bundles for even more countries and we’ll inform you when they’re added to the application. In addition to being able to choose a pack for these seven countries, you can also choose one of three different sized packs. The smallest pack costs $5, the medium one is $10 and the biggest one is $20. The amount of minutes in each pack depends on the country you choose.


The main benefit of Zipt bundles is the amount of money you save on making international calls. For example, let’s say you just moved from China to India and you want to call your folks back home. There are two options you could use. Well, there are three, if both you and your family used Zipt and could make completely free international calls, but for the sake of this argument, let’s say they don’t have the application.

If you use regular Zipt Out calls without activating a bundle, you’ll pay somewhere around 1 cent per minute (actual price depends on the country you’re calling from and the country you’re calling to), but if you purchase a $5 Just Call China bundle which includes 500 minutes, the call rate would be 0.010 cents per minute. That a pretty big difference in call rates and it gets even bigger if you decide to get one of the larger bundles with more minutes.


Bundles will save you the biggest amount of money if you have to make lots of calls to a specific country. To activate them, just go to the BUNDLES menu within the application, choose a country you want to make cheap international calls to and pick the amount. If you’re only making calls from time to time, a $5 bundle can be more than enough, but if you’re a heavy user, we have larger $10 and $20 bundles which are packed with a lot more minutes. When you choose a bundle, the only thing left for you to do is dial a number and just call!

And those were some of the basics of Zipt bundles. Install Zipt on your phone and try them out! We’re already working on adding more options and different country packs to our bundles, so we’ll keep you posted when new ones become available. If you want more information, contact us via our Facebook page or send us an email at

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