Zipt is a mobile application which lets you call and text other Zipt users for free.
Zipt gives you a way to make international calls and text at low rates to any phone*.

We send your call via the internet and connect it to any phone in the world for less than the cost of a local call.

Your number is always displayed when you call, so your friends will know it's you and won't receive calls from unknown numbers.

It's just like any other call - but cheaper! And if you both have the Zipt app - you can make unlimited free calls and messages.

In case you both have the Zipt app - it's unlimited free calls and messages as much as you want.

Zipt's advanced technology ensures the best quality calls no matter what connection you use. It works on 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi.

  1. Step One: Install Zipt

    Follow the links to download the app from your app store - or just search Zipt to discover us in your application store.

    You can also leave us your email or phone number and we'll send you the link!

  2. Step Two: Signup

    Once the app is installed, open it and enter your phone number via the dialpad - without the country prefix or leading zeros. (We know where you are.)

    Click Sign Up and you will be asked to wait for a SMS with a PIN that will authenticate your account as valid.

    If you don't receive an SMS, you will be prompted to either resend the SMS or initiate a voice call that will read you your PIN. Once you are successfully signed up, the app will open.

    You will get your first call to any phone world-wide for free :)

  3. Welcome to Zipt!

    If you have problems signing up, please get in touch with our support team and don't forget to tell us your number.

  4. Step Three: Invite your Friends
    & Family to Zipt

    Zipt network calls are free, so it makes sense to invite people you talk with regularly to download the free Zipt app. Everyone gets credits for signing up as well.

    Simply send the invitation through email, SMS or social networks to your friends using the in-app Invite function. Once they install the app, they will show as contacts in your Zipt phonebook.

    Now you can call or text them for free* without any limitations.

  5. Step Four: Just call!

    Calling via Zipt is no different to calling using your phone's keypad or contacts.

    Simply find the contact or enter the number using Zipt's dial pad and we will connect you! If you and the person you're calling are both Zipt users, calls and texts will be free*. Otherwise, we will connect you at very low rates which are next to nothing - even if you talk for hours.

  6. Step Five: Recharge your credits

    If you run out of credits for international calls and texts, it's very simple to recharge. Just head to the Top Up menu and pick the payment method that suits you best.

    We use Braintree by PayPal to process the payments, so you can rest assured that your details are kept private and secure. Let us know if you have problems with recharging, and we'll happily help you. Contact us here.