Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zipt?

Zipt is a mobile application which lets you call and text other Zipt users for free. Zipt gives you a way to make international calls and text at low rates to any phone*.

We send your call via the internet and connect it to any phone in the world for less than the cost of a local call.

Your number is always displayed when you call, so your friends will not receive calls from unknown numbers.

It's just like any other call - but cheaper! And if you both have the Zipt app - you can make unlimited free calls and messages.

Why should I use Zipt?

As well as unlimited free calls across the Zipt network and the best rates for international calls to phones that don't have the application, Zipt technology will work on any network, no matter how slow or congested it might be. Zipt has the lowest bandwidth requirement for good quality calls so you can call your friends from or to rural areas even with poor coverage. Zipt works just as well on 2G networks as it does on the latest 4G or WiFi networks.

Zipt also uses far less data so you can make the most of your phone’s data package. Give us a try - the first call is on us.

Does it cost to use Zipt application?

Calls and messages to users that have the Zipt application are always free*.

If you’re calling outside the Zipt network - say, to a landline outside your country - we’ll connect the call at very low rates.

Why do I need to share my number to signup?

Your mobile phone number is your account identity and the easiest way to verify your identity. The PIN we send you makes sure you are the real owner of the number you are registering to prevent other users making a call with your caller ID. We use your registered number to display your caller ID, so your friends know it's you who’s calling.

Can I text and make the calls offline?

Sorry no. You will need a data connection to make the calls. Any connection will do: 2G, 3G, LTE or WiFi

Can i use Zipt on my other devices (eg. tablet)?

Yes you can - as long as you register with your mobile phone number and confirm it in our authentication process.

For example, you have a basic mobile phone and a tablet. Your tablet is WiFi only and your phone cannot support or install Zipt.

Simply install the Zipt app on your tablet, enter your mobile phone number and use the PIN you’ll receive via SMS to verify your account. Zip now works on your tablet.

Install the app on your tablet, enter your phone number and enter PIN you will receive via SMS to your phone. Now you can use your tablet to make Zipt calls.

Does my phone support Zipt?

Zipt works on iPhones and most Android phones (Version 2.3+). Our future plans include Zipt versions for Windows phones and desktop applications. You can get the Zipt app here.

Can I call & text my friends internationally?

Yes, we designed Zipt with this in mind. You can make free* calls and send free messages if they have Zipt installed - or give them a call outside of the Zipt network at a cost of next-to-nothing.

How can I top up my account?

Simply use the Top Up function in the Zipt application. Get in touch with us if you are experiencing issues. We accept most major payment methods.


Migration to Zipt 2.0


What is Zipt 2.0?

Zipt 2.0 is an updated version of Zipt. It's a mobile application that uses VoIP technology and enables you to make free voice and video calls, send unlimited messages and directly share a variety of files with your contacts.

How is Zipt 2.0 different from 1.0?

We implemented a number of new features to streamline and simplify the use of the application:

  • We optimized the application to make it more stable, and to load and connect faster
  • We simplified and cleaned the layout of the application to highlight Zipt's most important features - CALL, CHAT & DISCOVER
  • We changed the menu to give you quick access to all additional features
  • We added a simple way for you to share photos, videos, sounds, documents and locations through the chat function
  • We added special offers and bonus information to the Discover section
  • We introduced the new Ambassador Portal within the Discover section

What is Zipt Ambassador Portal?

The Ambassador Portal is a dedicated place in the application that enables you to follow and contact Zipt Ambassadors. It can be accessed through the Discover section of Zipt.

Who are Zipt Ambassadors?

Zipt Ambassadors are famous athletes who use Zipt to directly communicate with their fans.The ambassador team currently consists of nine world-class athletes:

  • Gareth Bale
  • David Ospina
  • Luke Shaw
  • Juan Cuadrado
  • Brett Lee
  • Virat Kohli
  • Rohit Sharma
  • Nicolas Hamilton
  • Anthony Joshua

Can I contact Zipt Ambassadors?

You can directly communicate with Zipt Ambassadors using the implemented chat function within the Ambassador Portal.

How does Zipt work?

Zipt works on any mobile or Wi-Fi network and has the ability to deliver superior stability and crystal clear call quality, but unlike other calling applications, it doesn't require high-speed internet to work flawlessly.

Zipt doesn't need high-speed Internet to work, what does that mean?

Zipt uses world class low bandwidth calling technology which retains superior call quality even in areas with slower Internet speeds. Internet speed of 8kbps is needed to make voice calls and 50kbps for video calls, and that means you'll be able to use Zipt even on 2G networks.

Does Zipt use mobile data?

If you're not using Wi-Fi, Zipt will use your mobile data to connect, make calls and send messages. Since the application works in low-speed areas, it uses only a fraction of data other calling apps use the maintain similar levels of quality.

Is calling and messaging with Zipt free?

Calling and sending messages to other Zipt users is completely free of charge. If you want to call other mobile or landline numbers, you can use Zipt Out and take advantage of some of the lowest call rates.

Does Zipt support video calls?

Yes, Zipt supports video calling, and just like all of the other features, it too works on low-speed Internet connections. You can make high-quality calls even on 2G networks as Zipt needs Internet speed of only 50kbps to maintain a video call.

Can I send files with Zipt?

You can send a variety of files via Zipt's integrated chat function.

  • Download and send funny stickers
  • Take photos and instantly share them with your contacts
  • Record short videos and send them via messages
  • Record audio and share them with anyone
  • Connect to cloud and share documents
  • Use maps to pinpoint and share locations

How do I sign up for Zipt?

Download and install the application on your phone. When you open it for the first time, the setup wizard will prompt you to enter your phone number, after which you'll receive a PIN code you need to enter to verify your account. And that's it!

Why does Zipt need my phone number?

Zipt needs your number during the setup process because it uses it as your caller ID. That way, your contacts always know it's you that's calling.

Can I use Zipt on other devices?

You can use Zipt on other devices as long as you register with your mobile phone number and confirm it in the authentication process. Simply install the application on any mobile device that can connect to the Internet, enter your mobile phone number and use the PIN you'll receive via SMS to verify your account.

Who can I call with Zipt?

With Zipt, you can make unlimited calls to any mobile or landline number. It enables you to make international calls to any place in the world as long as your phone is connected to the Internet. Calling Zipt users is completely free, and if you want to call anyone else, you can use Zipt Out.

What is Zipt Out?

Zipt Out is the feature that enables you to use Zipt to call anyone who's not using Zipt. With it, you can take advantage of some of the cheapest rates to make international calls.

Where can I find call rates for Zipt Out calls?

Zipt has some of the lowest call rates for international calls. You can find the entire list on our website or the Rates section in the application menu.

How can I top up my account?

Zipt offers you a number of different ways to top up your account. Enter the Top up section from the app menu, choose the amount of credits you want to buy and choose one of the paying options - credit cards, Paypal, Google or vouchers.

What are Zipt bundles?

Bundles are Zipt's prepaid value packs that enable you to make international calls for a fraction of the price. If you constantly make calls to a certain country and the person you're calling isn't using Zipt, bundles are the cheapest way to communicate. Find all available packs in the Bundles section that's accessible via the application menu.

Can I get free Zipt credits?

You can get free credits by topping up your account or inviting users to sign up to Zipt via your referral link. You can find more details in the Invite & Earn section of the application.

Will Zipt work on my phone?

Zipt will work on any smartphone with Android 4.0.3 or higher as well as iPhone with iOS 8.4 or higher.

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